Winding Down to Wind Up

As retirement closes in, people have a tendency to think over their lives, and design plans for their future life. I am no different. However, it must be said that many workers facing retirement today do not plan a thing…they just retire.After a few months of painting every room in the house, waxing the car until the paint is a different colour, whipper-snipping every damn blade of grass in both the front and back yards, take the dog for so many walks per day the pads on his paws have vanished, they sit alone and wonder what are they really going to do with their lives. A great wonderment it is, sitting hour by hour watching Oprah and Dr. Phil and secretly some of the afternoon soaps, their minds have failed to function past the first of many commercials trying to sell these poor souls anything from viagara to tampons to Xlax to adult diapers. “Time to get a life,” a voice yells aloud inside their head.


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