Workers Slipped A Pernicious Package

Horrendous News
From Oshawa

We see 3900 plus jobs are going, going, and very likely, to be resurected in a 3rd. world country?

GM announced a 30,000 worker, International Layoff. But when you really do the actual math, what this company proposes to do to North America is displace close to 210,000 workers – putting these people on the street without a family income.

The “Paul Harvey version” of the story is that for one auto worker job there are 7 spinoff jobs outside GM who will also face job losses.

But does the blame lie with GM’s CEO Wagoner who masterminded these job cuts, or should we look to Buz Hargrove, the leader of the CAW who negoitiated the latest contract…shouldn’t he have seen this coming? Certainly there were rumoured abound within the auto industry, now these rumours have surfaced as read facts, facts that are much more devasting that first believed.

Maria Kehagias, a GM worker said “Merry Christmas you know? It’s very upsetting. This [Oshawa] will be a ghost town, it will be another Flint Michigan.”

For those of us who sit back on our couches, watching this news unfold, we simply say, “Isn’t that terrible.” All the while we secretly are thankful it isn’t happening to us.

The issue affects us all – we need to start complaining to our MPs and MPPs about the unfair trade agreement between the Eastern Europe countries and Canada…why does China allow 2/3 less Canadian made vehicles into their country than Canada allows of their products?

Questions such as this should necessitate answers from our politicians, postulated answers that are followed by existant action to stop this incredible injustice to the Canadian workforce.


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