BEWARE of Christmas PowerPoint

Christmas computers may never be the same. This warning is a must-take-heed one.

E-mails may bring Christmas PowerPoint
with a surprise for the New Year

A PowerPoint file is circulating this season that drops and executes two malicious programs embedded in it. The innocent Christmas-themed PPT slideshow named Christmas+Blessing-4.ppt may be familiar to many of you. It has previously made the rounds and is just a decoy for the embedded malware.

This exploit was patched as early as March 14, 2006 (see Microsoft Security Bulletin MS06-012 at But how many of you have installed that patch?

It’s a shame and sad truth that we need to guard ourselves against PowerPoint data files, which should be totally safe. But if your systems aren’t fully patched and you don’t have the most up-to-date virus definitions, this Christmas blessing can infect you for the New Year.

Other seasonal virus exploits are hiding in attachments called:

# Christmas.exe
# Christmas_Puzzle.exe

These exploits may be found at:

I hope your computer is protected against these bad things and that your New Year starts out as a happy one!

NOTE: The above was made available by Orange County IBM PC Users’ Group


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