It’s Been a Long Time…


Joanne retired – yahoo!!!!!!! Next winter we head south to Texas..

Click Here to Joanne is busy planning trips:

This past winter in Ontario, Canada was a rough one: tons of snow, cold storms, icy roads and sidewalks, keeping many hibernating inside their respective caves until now: SPRING TIME.

New things have happened over this past winter.

I started the first computer seminar instruction classes at Central United Church whereby many Seniors come to see and learn more about cyberspace and basic computer operation. One thing I do help them with is Internet security and how to obtain free computer programs.

Travel is always in our plans and my wife and I traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada in January to the Association of Personal Computer Users Groups International Convention (APCUG) where there was lots to learn, lots to see and very much sunshine.

Our next trip was sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. We flew to Florida where we boarded a the MS Zuiderdaam and cruised to the Bahamas then set sail for a trans Atlantic cruise to Africa, Maderia, Portugal, Spain, Monaco, and Italy – 3 weeks of visiting amazing places, exploring various cultures, and of course testing FOOD.

We spent some of the winter months booking trips for this spring and summer with our R-Vision travel trailer. From northTravelingern Ontario’s Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park, canoeing, to southern Florida (in August to Disney’s Fort Wilderness) hitting the wave pool. Of course there are many shorter trips lined up to various parks within Ontario and Michigan. The fall plans are yet to be discovered, but Texas is in the making to avert next winter’s storms….

Last weekend I ran an ORCA Flatwater Canoe solo course for the Girl Guides at AW Campbell park, near Watford, Ontario. The girls are sooo proud of their achievement, and so they should be. This is the section course I have volunteered to do for the Guides. Next month I am assisting with a Safe Canoeing course at Fanshawe Lake, in London, Ontario for Venture Leaders.

Oh yes, I almost forgot…I am back writing a magazine column once again. Last time I had a column, writing about computer issues, was in Business Trends. However, after almost two years I stopped the column as I was too busy and away from home. Now I am busier, and away from home more, and have signed on to do another magazine column for FIRST MONDAY. I missed the regular writing deadlines, not that I don’t have any being the editor of SCUG Report LOL.

My real goal (in writing) after my retirement, was to write a novel. Instead, I keep writing about computers and techology…Someone is trying to give me a message. However, I do have a couple of faint ideas for a novel, a sort of mystery if you will. Although I have yet to figure out a mysterious setting and situation; any ideas?

Oh yes, after 5 years of collecting STUFF I am cleaning our my office…What a mess. But my goal is to have a fully functional video editing centre in my office. More posts to come on this subject.


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