Gas Guzzling Oil Companies

Time for the government to step in and lower gas prices before it is too late.Write Your MP – see my letter at the bottom of this blog…

Our big truck, Chevy Avalanche is parked – awaiting a cheap fill up.

I have had thoughts of buying a brand new SUV and a brand new full sized, loaded to the hilt, pickup truck and storing them away as a future investment. Museums will be wanting them in 50 years as collector items for when people used to travel across the highways of their countries, coast to coast, spending and investing into the local communities as they went…Oh what a dream, a memory too soon to come to be.

Living in Sarnia, Ontario we are directly adjacent the the cheaper (not much anymore) gas prices, however, we still have our Chevy pickup parked awaiting cheaper gas prices. The gas prices in both Canada and the USA are taking both countries by stranglehold and threatening a major economic crisis.

Where are our Politicians on both sides of the ridiculous border anyway, hiding out with the gas executives?

Imagine a tank of gas costing almost 70 thousand dollars to fill.

Air Canada now has that reality: “When Air Canada fills up a new Boeing 777 in Toronto with jet fuel for a one-way flight to London’s Heathrow Airport, it now costs $68,948.” Globe and Mail.

If that doesn’t halt the economy, how about this one:

“Another 2,000 jobs are about to disappear from the Canadian auto industry, as U.S. consumers continue to trade in gas-guzzling trucks and SUVs because of the U.S. economic slowdown and gasoline prices that have rocketed to $4 (U.S.) a gallon.” Globe and Mail.

It is too bad the average citizen sits back on their duffs each night gazing at the boob tube, hour after hour, and would dare dream of sitting down and sending a letter of complaint. No, they just complain at the water coolers throughout their worlds.

Butt…What if this problem does affect the boob tubers?

What if the Nascar doesn’t fuel up? “No way”, you say? Check again buddy:  “The cost of high-octane fuel for the racecars is up to $8.25 a gallon. And that is not the worst of it.” FULL ARTICLE

There is a rise of the sun across on the other side; a rift of tides.

The Americans are taking some action: “With gasoline prices bubbling up toward a once-unthinkable $5 a gallon, lawmakers in Washington are running franticly to do something – anything – to halt the steep rise in the price of oil.” (Reuters) We shall see…

Canadians should too, stand up, take action, complain. Only then, shall we overcome.

Oh, BTW, I did write my Federal MP today:

Pat Davidson
Federal MP

Hello Pat,

Please accept this as my protest to high gas prices.

When is the Canadian Government going to step in and put a halt to this gouging of our economy. It will destroy the Canadian tourism industry, it will force up all pricing in the communities as the high fuel costs for trucks will certainly be passed on to the consumer.

With Oil company executives recording record profits, why are we being taken hostage to their advantage.

Please let me know what the Canadian Government plans to do to lower the price of a litre of gasoline.

thank you,
Gregory West


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