Green Planet – A Long Journey

Corporate Waste - WHY?

Are We All Doing What We Can To Reduce?

To be honest, most of us can do more, no doubt. However, it would be nice to see corporations and governments doing more. That would set the example.

How about the tons of waste in packaging. I buy a box of cereal. The cashier wants give me a plastic bag to put the cardboard box of cereal in to take home. On top of that, the cashier gives me a long printout of not only the dollar amount of my purchase but a long printout of some ads.

I get home. I take the cereal box and remove the package from the box and put it away. I then toss out the cardboard box. Then I take the plastic bag and toss it out too. Oh yes, and then out goes the long tickertape of a receipt.

How about no cardboard box, no bag (such as No Frills where we shop) and stop running long needless tickertape ads that most nobody reads.

Yes we can all do our part, by putting the cardboard and plastic and paper in the blue boxes, but why should we even have to handle these and many similar items as such?

The unfortunate thing is that all too many just complain and do nothing about these problems. Unless our elected officials here from “us” they will continue the “static” quo.


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