Media Hype Can Raise or Lower Hopes


All too many negative (sensationalism) headings, designed in purpose to sell newspapers, can bring down many an institution.

We read these days headlines such as: the “RECESSION IS HERE”…or that “THERE IS NO CLEAR END IN SIGHT”.

As a former student of journalism I easily spot these paper selling headlines and just shudder. You see, all my life I have heard people say: “Don’t believe what you read.” But, most everyone does; sad, but true.

CNN’s headlines on their website this morning state that there is a “Cautious Mood on Wall Street“. This is not sensationalism, it is fact, and that is what should be reported. No intention of selling anything, just a case of reporting.

The real art of reporting is lost somewhere between ego and the bottom line of the media. Unfortuately, the public swallows much of this media hype and crap; they use this as fodder at the workforce water coolers. All-too-many people these days, due to having little time, scan only the headlines and thus lose out on the article’s part where the author points out: “…however…” and shows some sort of upness, some hope.

Barack Obama says about hope: “We’ve been warned against offering the people of this nation false hope. But in the unlikely story that is America, there has never been anything false about hope.”

Too many of us have lost a lot of money with investments. We have lost ground on pensions, school savings, and dreams. Hope is all we have left now; hope that the leaders of this planet can come together, in harmony, to work on this very global financial problem.

I believe, pray and hope that this current economic crisis will turn around; it will take time; it will turn around.


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