A Software Review – by Gregory West, SCUG Editor (

Applian Technologies
US $39.95

Anyone trying to download video on the Internet has experienced the impossible task of getting the video stream onto a hard drive or disc. In some cases it seems an impossible task. I ran into this problem on several occasions when preparing for presentations and needed video cuts in my slides. I just couldn’t get them downloaded.

I researched and found a program that claimed it could download videos from “millions of popular sites” and that “all media from Flash and Windows Media servers can be recorded”. This program is REPLAY MEDIA CATCHER.

It is a simple program, being only an 8 MB download and the company allows potential “new customers” to “try before you buy”. If you do purchase this program they guarantee that you will like it or refund your money within 30 days.

TESTING: Once downloaded this program will open up in 4 seconds, ready for action. The first thing that you see is a help box offering useful tips. Another box asks you want to record now. A click of the record button and away it goes, recording your choice of videos. Another thing it will do is extract MP3 audio from FLV (flash video). It is only a matter of a couple of clicks to download a video.

This is a very small program with powerful features that act fast. It is extremely easy to operate. To view a video demonstration on how this program functions, go here:

SYSTEMS: Replay Media Catcher works with Windows programs and in VISTA you do not have to turn off the UAC (User Access Control).

TECH HELP: All-too-many companies drop the ball at this stage of the game, however from my very own personal experience I can attest that the TECH HELP service at Applian Technologies is first class all the way. In fact, they go out of their way to ensure you have no problems operating any of their programs.

If you want to download video or MP3 files, this is the program that you need.

Gregory West is the Editor and Executive Member of the Sarnia Computer Users’ Group. He can be reached at prospector16(at) (


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