Are U Part of the NET GEN?

Are you a 21st. Century dinosaur, or are you absorbed in the NET GEN?

Author, Don Tapscott’s latest best seller: Grown Up Digital, written after a $4M about how young people (11-30) live and breath.

In part, Tapscott relates: “The Net Generation isn’t content to wait until 6pm for the nightly news – or 8pm for their favourite TV show. They want it where and when they want it.

Most Net Geners get their news online, from official news sources and blogs.”

I have been prediciting the downfall and demise of TV for years, ever since the Internet peeked its head out from the monitor.

Newspapers are just a matter of time. So are companies such as Microsoft unless they change their ways of thinking up convoluted software programs that are build only to confuse.

My first computer was an APPLE Mackintosh 128 in 1984. In 1990 I switched to PC Windoze and last year I switched back to a Mac…I still use Windows XP and Vista on my Mac to teach Seniors about computers, but I certainly have no other use for ANY Windoze OS’s (operating systems haha).

I hate commercials of any kind, however I must delcare that these following videos are so true they hurt: microsoft LOL…


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