Cellphone vs. Land line: Do We Need Both?

What do you think???

Do We Need Both?

Maybe – Maybe Not…

how do we ever get by these days LOL

how do we ever get by these days LOL

Really, that is a loaded question; one that cannot be singularily answered by many.

For the past year and a bit, my wife and I dumped our “land line” and went “cell phone only”.

Problem: Wife likes TV and FTA is fading away. Cell phones for 2 phones and lines is costing over $100.00 montly. Cell phones batteries are aging and not holding a charge. Need new phones???

Answer: Switch from Bell to Cable. For $100.00 per month we will get my wife her TV, a land line phone, and highspeed Internet.

Right now we are paying $100+ for the cell phones, $55 for Internet, and nothing for FTA Sat TV which is failing.

We still need cell phones (no real need for the land line but it comes in a cheap bundle with the IDIOT BOX package. However, now we need to figure out the cell phone issue:


…to be continued


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