Computer & Internet Tips and Tricks

Computer & Internet Tips and Tricks
by Gregory West

As Editor, for the Sarnia Computer Users’ Group, I do a lot of online research for interesting websites and also free software. I am fortunate to have people who send their online gems. Here I share some of these amazing finds with you. Remember: The programs you are about to see are FREE and legal and for you to download and use. Try out programs, or simply take a sneak peek at what they can do for you; the choice is yours. So, happy clicking and email me with what you think about these programs:

Gimme Back Those Deleted or Lost Files File Recovery Program Website:
Runs on Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, 2003, XP and Vista 
We have all done it. You have too, come on, admit it.

Yes when you accidently delete a file from your computer, the Recycle Bin, digital camera memory card, USB stick, or even songs from your MP3 player, this program will help you to recover those lost files. It is a good program to have on your computer for those times when you least expect it and you DELETE in error.

ATTENTION ALL eBay USERS – A Must Have eBay Desktop
Website: Runs on Windows XP/Vista or MacOS X 10.4/10.5 This desktop application puts you in total control of your eBay bargaining with an eagle-eye live gatekeeper of your bid or bidders. Never miss an eBay bargain again. 
 This is WEB 3.0 at its best. “EBay’s slick new app does more than simply recreate the auction site on the desktop — it makes the whole experience thoroughly interactive and much more engaging” (

Catch Thieves in the Act – Live and Recorded Video Security System Using Your Webcam 
Works on Windows 2000/XP/Vista
 This security webcam software for windows is simple and easy to use and includes most of the usual security camera features such as: Video streaming, Image snapshots, motion detection, Online Web Forum for help.

The software program is very easy to work with and after a short time you can set your webcam to catch a thief stealing your stuff. The video or pictures are sent immediately to the Internet (where you designate for safe keeping). The program senses motion in a room. You can have the program set so that it will record a video of the thief in action, or email you a photo, or upload (FTP) the live video to a website. Real nice to be able to hand over a full video of the thieves in your house. If you are away, say in Florida, you can easily email the Police the video or photo of the live crime scene with full video and photos of the bad guys.

Windows Live Family Safety Website Download:
Website Information: We are all worried about young children using the Internet these days. This program puts you in control of your computer and Internet browsing experience. You are in charge of your children’s online Internet surfing habits. You can also monitor Windows Live Messenger contacts and block who they talk to online. As well, you can also block Internet websites too. This is a must have for any family with a computer connected to the Internet.

NOTE: “Windows Live Family Safety is a Web service that’s free to people who use Microsoft Windows XP. If you use Windows Vista—the operating system installed on many new computers—you can use the built-in family safety tools.” (

Connect to your Home Computer While Away with Logmein Website: While away from home, wouldn’t it be nice to access files and programs from your home computer. Now you can. You can easily connect to your PC with a software program called logmein. This program is also used by large corporations to connect to offsite PCs. This program will also allow a friend fix your computer even though they are thousands of miles from your PC. It is easy to set up and easy to operate. Give it a test drive…You will love it.

Gregory West is the Editor for “SCUG Report”, a monthly for the Sarnia Computer Users’ Group. SCUG is a non-profit computer/technology help group that is open to the public for Newbies and Geeks. For more information: Gregory can be reached at

This article first appeared in First Monday magazine, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada


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  1. Great tips. My daughter Carrie Ann ( has been using Logmein for a while. I’m checking out the Yawcam right now. thanks a bunch.

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