Be Careful On What You CLICK


While reviewing several on my blogs, well actually many of my blogs, I became click happy. When I refreshed the main blogsite some were gone like “poof”.

This is due to one clicking delelte instead of edit, update, or save etc. There are so many buttons these days it is very easy for one to hit the ‘DELETE” button.

This can also happen with photos, text documents, spreadsheets, and any file format you have on your computer or even ones stored up in Cyberspace through CLOUD COMPUTING efforts.

I believe once you delete something online it is extremely difficult, if not impossible to get your material, files and all the data returned. Sad, but true.

However, in the case of losing files on your computer, a USB “thumb” “stick” drive, or on your camera’s storage card, such as an SD card, you do have a second chance.

If you ever lose ANY file you a device, STOP. “Don’t touch that dial”, as they say.

There are several programs that will help you restore lost data files and photos on your hard drives, but you stand a much better chance of retrieving such files if you stop doing anything on your computer as soon as you notice the files missing.

Here is a FREE program that can help you recover those lost files on your computer or camera:

The important thing here is that once you realize you have lost or deleted a file, STOP. The sooner you try to recover lost files the better.

Good luck out there…



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