Identity Theft of the Worst Kind


All too often, of late, the bad guys have been dressing up as cops in efforts to trick innocent civilians into feeling somewhat safe while they are near.

A short while ago a young girl was abducted in Canada, as the attacker was believer to be impersonating a Police officer.

The New York Times reports today that a suicide bomber in Bagdad, dressed up with a cop’s coat on, walked easily and “took aim at a group of Iraqi army officers on their way to a reconciliation conference, killing 33 people on Tuesday”.

Ironically, this bad guy also adorned “a national police uniform who struck a group of officials in a marketplace near the municipal building in Abu Ghraib”, according to the New York Times.

This “stealing” of Police officer’s coats and badges etc. must stop. These items should be better protected so that they cannot fall into the hands of the villains out there.

We don’t need legislation to enact this; we need some common sense on the part of whomever is leaving this stuff laying about for anyone to take.


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