A New FREE Anti Virus

PANDA anti virus software works online and is not on your computer. Thus, your computer runs FASTER and safer getting updates in 6 minutes instead of 48 hours.

Cloud Computing is ubiquitous these days. We use it when we get our emails online, when we upload photos using Picasa and Flickr, and we use when we don’t even know about it. So what is Cloud Computing and why am I talking about it here?

Cloud Computing is simply this: You use software that is on the Internet and not on your computer. That’s all folks! No more, no less.

Since OLD antivirus programs bog down and stall computers because they are top heavy and live on your computer’s hard drive, you yell and scream about your computer being SOOOOOOOOOO SLOOOOOW.

Along comes “PANDA”, a cloud computing antivirus that lives on the Internet and not on your computer. It is FAST, VERY EFFICIENT, and it is FREE.

Check out this full review HERE

Also, take the time to watch this short video on Panda and how it works:


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  1. Good stuff! I see you got that advertising thing down.

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