Snooze You Looze

Google domain names

Snooze or Looze out on your Google Domain Name

Only $10

For instance, I managed to scoop up: for my personal domain name.


Google is soon to announce its FREE Operating System that I believe will completely change the way we do things on a computer and online. No more high costs of Microsoft Windows 7 or Office programs…Google offers it free and then some.



4 Responses

  1. I don’t get you Greg. Why is it important to have a domain just because Google is offering it’s operating system?


    • I use Google for almost everything online and the next step is to have my own site connected to the rest of my online activity: mail, calendar, document storage, office programs, and now Google TV through Chrome. greg

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      Phone: 519-331-5067 Email:

    • Excellent question Gerry…

      For now I am testing Google “everything”. If I decide that this is the way I am going to go when CLOUD COMPUTING wipes out microsoft operating systems and others so that nobody will really care what operating system they use and for that matter they don’t now when connecting to the Internet via smart phones (cell). I connect to the Internet through my phone’s browser and I have no idea what operating system or browser it is using…and really don’t care. This is a form of cloud computing.

      Soon we will not need an operating system on our computers, nor will we need software or large hard drives to house everything, as it will be in the clouds.

      I have been setting my systems up for the big cloud day. I use online services to a LARGE extent now for storage, software operations and so much more, including photo editing and storage.

      In fact, I have disconnected my home desktop XP tower and am thinking of turning it into a Linux server so that I can connect securely to it as a VPN. This way I will be able to connect to blocked sites such as in the United States.

      Having my own domain name of just makes it easier for me and if I ever want to run my business through this service I will already have my domain in place.

      No, it is not for everyone…But most are using cloud computing now and don’t even realize it.

      • Also, for a student, this should be a consideration for when they get out there…They will definitely use Cloud Computing big time and will want to get in on the ground floor…If technology of any sort is their thing…

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