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Please send me your favourite Apps

Sharing is the best way to learn more about our iPads.

Please send me your iPad tips & tricks you have found, and some of those amazing Apps!! I will create iPad App reviews as well a providing free iPad tutorials. gregwest (at) AlternateCloud.com 20140307-095940.jpg

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  1. If you travel a lot to different time zones it’s probably a good idea to schedule your iPhone to go into to Do Not Disturb mode. Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb and then schedule in a time. We’ve set ours from midnight to 6am. During that time all calls and alerts will be silenced. If you are worried that you might miss an important call you can set the phone to allow calls from Favourites or repeated calls if someone is calling more than once in a three-minute window. You can now in iOS 7 set it so the Do Not Disturb works only when you’ve got the phone locked or all the time regardless of what you are doing. Handy if you are in the middle of a presentation. For more help contact us at Port Huron Computer Repair

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