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To show you neat tips & tricks about computer programs. We will also travel across the Internet discovering amazing websites that not only will enhance your computer skills; they will blow your mind…Each turn on this journey through the Web will evoke a “WOW”.

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Columnist - Presenter - Reviewer

Columnist - Presenter - Reviewer



Home Basic Computer Consultant & Train PCs and MAC

Home Basic Computer Consultant & Trainer PCs and MAC

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For any information please contact Gregory at:
prospector16 (at) gmail.com

Gregory is a Mac Computer Instructor for Lambton College in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. He has a basic computer consulting business:  COMPUTER & INTERNET CONSULTANT and TRAINER.

He is a tech columnist for the First Monday magazine. He was the editor for the Sarnia Computer Users’ Group’s magazine: SCUG Report. Today, Gregory is writing technology articles and software reviews for the Association of Computer Users’ Groups, a worldwide network of computer groups.

Gregory is the Chairperson at Central United Church, where he has built a fully-functional computer training centre and photo studio. Here he runs FREE weekly BASIC COMPUTER TRAINING SEMINARS at Central United Church in fall and winter months. These seminars include all operating systems including: XP, VISTA, Windows 7, and MAC systems. Each session has a very popular Q&A session where YOU get help with those nagging nasty computer problems that just won’t solve themselves. Each seminar has backup notes online so you do not need to take notes, but you are welcome to do so.

He gives keynote presentations to computer groups in both Ontario, Canada and Port Huron, MI. USA on various technology topics that usually appear in this blog.

Gregory’s background is in Journalism from Centennial College in Toronto, Canada. He also studied Cultural Anthropology and English at Athabasca University. He has certification in professional writing from Lambton College.


For any information please contact Gregory at: prospector16 (at) gmail.com

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Lights Off and Somebody is Home – REALLY!


Man O’ Man, what a busy 30 days…

  • PC to Mac (and lovin’ it)
  • Reno’d the TV room an LR room (wife happy)
  • Fired Ma Bell – Hired SKYPE (Internet Phone)
  • Booked trip/convention – CES and APCUG Convention in Vegas Jan 08
  • Xmas – don’t even ask…Haven’t started yet…

Oh ya, almost forgot…I am switching Blogs from Google Blogger to WordPress.

Google worked great for the several years I blogged there, however like anything else on the Internet, it is time for a change…Time to try something new. Of course I have heard, read, and seen that WordPress has Google beat in the blogging software category. Might as well work with the best…Maybe that is why I switched to a Mac. (story to come soon).

Thanks everyone for following me here to WordPress. Please send me your blog sites, Facebook data, and all the other interesting goodies that the WWW has to offer.

Hang onto your hat…We are goin places with this site!

In the meantime (that means while you wait for me to post my next blog inbetweenbeingsobusy, you can be entertained by these pics or have a good laugh: CLICK_ME