Problems Playing Some Video?

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best video player on the planet and it's FREE

best video player on the planet and it's FREE

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When I was trying to play one of my hundreds of videos on my Windows machine I came across several that Windows Media Player and Quicktime would not play.

Enter: VLC Player…Yes, it played every type of video format I found, without any problems whatsoever.

Say goodbye to Windows Media Player and Hello to VLC Player.

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Googling in 2008

Google Docs is GreatI DARE YOU TO GOOGLE more…

Anyone who has yet to discover the indepth world of Google is just not grounded in Cyberspace.

Did you know that you do not have to fork out HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS  for Microsoft Office? Google is offering it free.

Just log on to your google where you would type in a search item in the box, but don’t do that. Instead look above the Google search box and look for the word: more. Click on it. Then click on: even more.

Now you are looking at all the FREE Google programs. The one you want is: Google Docs. This is your new and free Office programs that include: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. But for obvious reasons Goolge had to rename the programs to: Document – Spreadsheet – Presentation. And really, those names for the programs make more sense than MS Office program names.