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Please send me your iPad tips & tricks you have found, and some of those amazing Apps!! I will create iPad App reviews as well a providing free iPad tutorials. gregwest (at) AlternateCloud.com 20140307-095940.jpg

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You won’t regret the few seconds it will take to find yourself gaining the how tos on topics from not just computers, but also Q&A on the Internet, Twitter, Facebook, digital photography and so much more you will not have a question that cannot be answered.

Let’s say you “know it all”, why not lend some of your knowledge to this site by way of answering questions posed by users. It is a lot of fun and you will be helping out other computer users. And who knows, like myself, you may just find yourself learning more about what you thought you knew and didn’t.

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eHow To Do It EASY

Here is a website that shows you HOW TO in many areas.


I find this site http://www.ehow.com/guide_5-computers.html very useful in the latest computer tips in PLAIN ENGLISH.

If you like video tutorials this site has them too:
http://www.ehow.com/videos.html – scroll down where it says: More Featured Videos and use the slide bar on the right to see tons of topics.

let me know how you find this site???

NEW: YouTube – How to Use It

YouTube has made a major change in that you can now have your own channel and watch what you pick without all the other junk.

Getting ready for when TV goes online and away from the old way of viewing a show via TV set. Imagine the landfill sites with old TVs?

Problems Playing Some Video?

NO MORE PROBLEMS on your Mac or PC while wanting to view a video…

best video player on the planet and it's FREE

best video player on the planet and it's FREE

Join the over 52 million other people who have downloaded the FREE video player called: VLC

When I was trying to play one of my hundreds of videos on my Windows machine I came across several that Windows Media Player and Quicktime would not play.

Enter: VLC Player…Yes, it played every type of video format I found, without any problems whatsoever.

Say goodbye to Windows Media Player and Hello to VLC Player.

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Computers “USER FRIENDLY”?

Far from it!

    Back in the “day”, when DOS was alive and well, computers were scary creatures and only a few could operated those vehicles without accident or incident. Then along came the 90’s when the PCs and Macs were made available and workable for the so-called “average” human, with projected promises of making these machines: “USER FRIENDLY”. Remember that term? Although, as many companies do, some lied. Or rather, they did not tell “the whole truth and nothing but”.

    Computer User Groups began to pop up faster that dandelions all across North America…”Why” you ask? The answer is simply that the “user friendly” computer did not come about. In fact, to this very day, computers are more and more complex machines.

    Oh yes, computers can be user friendly until you do something you are not aware of, or click on something within a website that set your machine either on fire or sent it to a shallow grave, wherein you cannot, no matter how hard you try, start it back up. Or in computer terms you are now SOL lol.

    Today, while sitting in Coffee Lodge, having my afternoon coffee and serving of free WiFi, there was an elderly couple sitting next to me. The elderly woman was watching me book a campsite at the Pinery Provincial Park for May 2008 online, but of course she had no real idea what I was doing.

    “I like the look of your white computer,” said the woman. “It’s a Mac,” I replied to a blank look.

    I explained to the woman and her silent husband that I was online and had just booked a campsite for May 2008. She was stunned. “I know nothing of computers,” she pointed out. I suggested she come out to the Sarnia Computer Users’ Group and she just smiled. I informed her and her husband that they could come out for free, at least the first three meetings, just to check it out. I further tried my sales pitch that our club has beginners and that they would not feel out of place. They both said nothing, with a look that said they seemed to miss a boat a while back.

    For many, computers are scary machines, very complex machines, and instruments that command a good deal of knowledge. More than ever before the average person needs to belong to a Computer User Group to wrestle that “USER FRIENDLY” BEAST.

    Anyone in the Sarnia area can come to our meetings FREE for 3 meetings: http://www.scug.ca