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Petitions now are sent via emails. Once the required number of signatures are met, the final person is to send the PETITION to the listed addresses within the PETITION. PLEASE GO THE EXTRA MILE AND SEND IN AN EMAIL COMPLAINT YOURSELF TOO. USE THE EMAIL ADDRESSES LISTED IN THE PETITION.

For example here is a real PETITION that is being distributed in order to collect 200 names and thus the final 200th person is to forward the email with the signatures. For example, in the body of the said email you will see these instructions:

Please copy this message out of the original email and paste into a new email. Lastly, add your name to the bottom and pass it on to people who have the same concerns within our community. When there are 200 names, please forward to  and Mr. McGuinty

In our case we are trying to save the Jail in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada.

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Here is a copy of the petition:


To the Legislative Assembly of Ontario

WHEREAS, the Government and the Minister of Finance has announced in theOntario budget of 2011 the closures of Walkerton, Owen Sound and the Sarnia Jail;

AND WHEREAS, these closures are only to offset the cost of building and running the two new Super Jails being built in Windsor and Toronto at the expense of other jails and security;

AND WHEREAS, the closures will undermine the fundamentals of public and security;

AND WHEREAS, the closures will cause families undue hardship to travel two hours to attend courts and visitations;

WE the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows:

1. Jim LaPier – Corunna, ON

2. Chris Parkes – Petrolia, ON

3. Dave Mitchell – Brights Grove, ON

4. J.Wolfenden-Bright’s Grove, ON

5. R.&P. Dummitt – Sarnia Ontario

6. F & N Strickland Corunna On.

7. K & D McGarry – Sarnia ON

8.  Allan Anderson – Sombra, Ontario

9. Jamie Pole- Sarnia, Ontario

10. Gregory West – Sarnia, Ontario


Online Marketing Inside Out

Review: by Gregory West
Member of Sarnia Computer Users’ GroupOnline Marketing Inside Out
Member of Port Huron, MI Computer Group

Online Marketing Inside Out

by Brandon Eley & Shayne Tilley

Published by SitePoint Pty. Ltd.
Pages: 184
USA: $29.95 / CDA: $29.95

Nine dynamic chapters that guide you through your next “modern marketing campaign”. Chapter one explains how marketing is changing pointing out things you need to know before you begin planning your next promotion or campaign. You will learn how to make money from a website by page views, optimize the values within search engines (SEO) and how the main players in social media can help you go deeper inside the communities spreading the word of your company or product.

Even though email marketing has been around forever, it seems, this book sparks a new interest showing “many advantages” and the authors “walk you through every step towards a successful email marketing strategy”.

Having your own sales people working for you online is easy when you create an “affiliate marketing program” that is covered in Chapter seven. The advantages of having an “army of salesmen all over the world” promoting for you is explained in easy to understand terms in this chapter. This is followed in sequence with Chapter eight wherein you learn about the world of “online advertising” as you will be able to “plan, implement, test, and optimize” what you setup with your online advertising.

I really like the way this book is set out. The Table of Contents leaves nothing to imagination. The Preface wand Chapters have extensive headings that guide you through the various topics so that you can easily look something up and jump right in on that subject. For example, in Chapter two’s listing you will find headings such as: Press Releases. Then followed with sub-headings: Press Releases in the 21st Century, When to Write a Press Release, Stand Out From the Crowd and so on.

Every chapter tags your interest and keeps you coming back as a reference point for helping you develop your own online marketing campaign. This book is for those who “have a web site and…want to promote it”, or anyone else who wants and/or needs to learn this amazing subject of online marketing.

Even if you are already doing online marketing and feel fairly successful, this book will take you to the next level of expertise and guide you in directions you may have possibly passed by.

Review: by Gregory West
Member of Sarnia Computer Users’ Group
Member of Port Huron, MI Computer Group

Power Friending
“Demystifying Social Media to Grow Your Business”

By Amber Mac (Amber MacArthur)

Published by Penguin Group (USA) Inc. 2010
Pages: 245
USA: $24.95 / CDA: $31.00

I bought this book as an aid in my research into the world of social media, knowing that Amber MacArthur would have it all explained in plain English, covering all the bases. I was right, she did, and then some. 

As an avid listener to Amber Mac and Leo Laporte via the network, with the show: Net at Night, I learned how deep Amber’s involvement is with technology and more so, social media. Her insights into this subject are extensive and I knew this book would reveal a guide that would set me on my exploration of social media.

Anyone, whether you own a business, operate a nonprofit group, or simply want to promote you own media for fun, this book is a guide, and Amber sets out to help you “build up your social media strategy, one Internet friend at a time”.

The book consists of nine enlightening chapters starting with a “brief” history on the evolving social media which helps put thing into perspective and sets the groundwork for this book. Amber continues on in this journey telling how real people and companies struggle though mistakes, lies, and failures as well as many success stories. From the failures we quickly learn what not to do in creating our own social media awareness. The success stories are many and they help to give us not only ideas but courage to continue through the social media wilderness learning a little bit more with each step Amber takes us.

Amber demonstrates three rules at the onset: “A IS FOR AUTHENTICITY” – “B IS FOR BRAVERY” – C IS FOR CONSISTENCY”. Each rule is explained with examples of how people / companies both failed and prospered by either following or disregarding these rules.

In chapter four: “CARPENTRY AT ITS BEST”, we are given the necessary social media tools to work with such as blogs, videos, wikis and more. Each tool is explained how and why it works and what it can do for you. Following each tool is a real life example how it works for others. I found this chapter most interesting and helpful. Chapter five is one of my favourites in which Amber discusses “The Strategy”. Time management, spreading your word, responding and bringing the message home are a few topics covered. Here Amber shares her “Ten Best Practices…”A must read.

Amber points out success stories and failures too, all with examples so we don’t make the same errors. One thing I really am a glad about is the Notes in the back of the book. Here are Amber’s gems that refer to a topic on a certain page in the book with a website source that will take you deeper into the world of social media marketing.

I must give this book is easily a ten plus in not only content and information but Amber’s personal stories that keeps the material moving.


Capping the Internet Usuage

Money Grab

As Canadian Internet users, we pay one of the highest fees for bandwidth and it isn’t the world’s fastest either. Now the Canadian Radio and Television Commission (CRTC) grants even higher costs that include Internet Usage Caps. Can you imagine that Ontario residents are told:

“For Ontario and Quebec residents, if you are lucky enough to have cable services not from Rogers you should be fine,”

Read this article then write your Member of Parliament today.

Canada’s Entertainment and Broadcasting Information 

New Internet Usage Caps Hurt Canadians
Posted by: Tripster on Sunday, January 30, 2011 – 09:07 PM (REPRINT)
C.R.T.C. “As you may have heard, Canada’s big ISPs are putting the squeeze on consumer internet usage by implementing new bandwidth caps with exorbitant new overage rates. Beginning March 1st many Canadian internet users are going to see their monthly Internet service bills rise significantly. What does it mean for you? And what can you do? Read on. 

Bell Canada lobbied the CRTC for new rules for independent ISPs who rely on their network to serve their clientele. Many years ago the CRTC rightly dictated that the telcos must allow independent ISPs access to the “last mile” so they can service clients. Essentially opening up competition in the broadband market to better serve Canadians, after all, the incumbent telcos received tax breaks and other help to build the network of wires that serve Canadian homes. It makes no sense to have each independent ISP run their own infrastructure to each dwelling.

This allowed small companies such as TekSavvy to offer services to their own customers, often with better bandwidth caps or unlimited usage policies. Rather than compete with this head on Bell decided to lobby the CRTC to implement “Usage Based Billing” (UBB), meaning that these competing ISPs can no longer offer better packages but must instead offer what Bell tells them to offer.

The result, customers of TekSavvy are now faced with a cut in their monthly cap, they are forced to match Bell’s cap and Bell has decided that 25GB per month is enough. So TekSavvy’s customers previously enjoying a 200GB or unlimited cap are now being switched to this 25GB cap. Sure they can buy “insurance” packages to give them more capacity but to get back what they had before their monthly Internet bill essentially doubles, and TekSavvy doesn’t get any of the money, it all goes directly to Bell. If you don’t buy the insurance, well, the overage rates are $2+ per GB.

In the past few months Canadians have had access to new online streaming services, Netflix Canada launched this past fall giving Canadians a great new option for enjoying entertainment, not only on their computers but also via Netflix ready devices such as the AppleTV, Xbox Live and Playstation 3 as well as a new line of Netflix ready televisions and set top boxes launching this year.

Interestingly, as soon as Netflix announced their intention to launch in Canada, Rogers Cable announced lowered bandwidth caps within days of the announcement. It seems very coincidental timing wise doesn’t it? While Rogers set their cap at 60GB per month Bell has gone even further and set a 25GB cap. It’s also quite interesting that the 3 major ISPs adjusting their Internet usage caps are in fact the same corporations who happen to own most of the broadcasting outlets in Canada and also own the largest cable and satellite companies. What better way to kill the competition by making them prohibitively expensive for consumers to use.

To give you some idea of what 25GB means to you, if you watch one HD movie each week you will have used up more than half that cap. If you purchase a game from an online digital distributor such as Xbox Live, Playstation Network or Steam you can easily eat up half your capacity. If you watch YouTube HD you are eating up more of that capacity.

The kicker is with the speeds of the internet connections available today you can use up your entire months allotment of data in only a few hours. This sets Canadians back immensely on the world stage. At a time when more Canadians are turning to the net our ISPs are attempting to neuter our usage or profit from our over usage. Canadians use the internet more than they watch TV these days.

What Can You Do?

The fact is it costs less than a few cents, in most cases less than a penny, for an ISP to move a GB (gigabyte) of data. They plan on charging many times the cost of transferring this data and profiting off consumer usage by only offering low capacity levels from the start. This is not about stopping network abusers, it is about profiting off the average consumer family, we doubt there are many families out there who can remain below the low 25GB monthly allotment of data.

So, what can you do? Sign the petition available at, over 140,000 Canadians have already signed this petition.

Contact your local Member of Parliament, Industry Minister Tony Clement, your local council, your local media and anyone else you think can help.

And if you experience a bill or warning due to usage, speak with your money and move your account away from Bell, Rogers and Shaw. If possible move all your services away from them, hurting their bottom line can work, especially if it will have a negative impact on their stock prices. Even if you’re stuck with the same caps at a small independent ISP at least you are sending a message, and helping these independents survive to help consumers fight this battle.

For residents in the Maritimes, Eastlink have stated they do NOT intend to charge UBB.

For residents in Manitoba, MTS may be your best bet.

For residents of Saskatchewan, SaskTel have announced they do NOT intend to charge UBB.

For Alberta and British Columbia residents, Telus are your best bet at this time, especially if you are in an Optik capable area. Telus provides 250GB of data per month for the same price Shaw only gives 100GB. Note, there are no guarantees with Telus of course due to their close ties with Bell Canada, but it has been said that they do NOT intend to follow their lead by drastically reducing customer internet caps.

For Ontario and Quebec residents, if you are lucky enough to have cable services not from Rogers you should be fine, if your only choices are Bell or Rogers then please choose an alternate independent ISP such as TekSavvy.

You can also hurt them by cutting back on specialties on your cable or satellite services and using alternative telephone services such as VOIP (providing you can get a decent internet connection that is!).”

REPRINT: Tripster on Sunday, January 30, 2011 – 09:07 PM

It’s time to fight back Canada.


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Google gets nod from China to keep search page | Reuters.


Last week, Google offered Beijing a face-saving compromise: it stopped automatically rerouting the page to an uncensored Hong Kong-based search page. Instead, visitors to have to click once to go to the Hong Kong page.” Reuters