Day 11-12-14-15 Renovations

Here is a combination of days from 11 to 15.

Took Saturday off to teach 27 Scout and Venture Leaders a canoe course in London. Monday almost lost the afternoon due to a Doctor’s appointment for a completed blocked and infected ear.
I had several videos of us installing the sub floor…but lost them while trying to rename them.
Today we installed the upper cabinets – tomorrow we head over to the USA to pick up the new stove and the 2 counter tops.

Day 10 Renovations

Today is a trip to the USA for cheaper gas and mud. Later on we get the scoop on the spider. Enjoy:

Day 8-9 Jen & Gary Home Renovations

Today we have an exclusive interview with the contractor. Then we get some real lessons on mudding drywall and what to watch out for.

Renovations Day 2

Here we take out the bulkheads and ready them for drywall. We also test the plywood flooring to see how tough it is to take up for the new sub flooring.


Helping renovate my daughter’s kitchen…Check out the action video: