Why We Need Wiki Leaks

PCWorld Senior Editor Errs


In the June 2008 issue of PCWorld magazine, page 42, Yardena Arar, Senior Editor PCWorld, wrote an article entitled: “Unilimited Cell Phone Calling”. midway through this article the author pointed out that:

STATEMENT MADE BY PCWORLD:  “And if your broadband service is tied to a landline (DSL or ISDN, for example), you have to stick with the landline anyway.”

This is not true.

I sent an Email into PCWorld stating that I have a DSL Internet connection and do not pay for a phone line as I canceled my home phone months ago. There was quick response to this Email by PCWorld and the original author stating:

RETRACTION BY PCWORLD:   “I’m a bit red-faced. I honestly was not aware that you could buy a DSL line without phone service. We’ll be publishing a correction.

Phone companies love you to believe that you still need to pay for a phone line to have the Internet. In reality, all you do is tell your phone company that you do not want to pay for a telephone landline anymore. You tell them you want your phone connection switched to a “DRY LOOP”. You won’t see anything happening; nobody has to come to your home to change anything; it is all done at the offices of the phone company. They simply make the switch to your service that you still keep the phone number (free) without the phone calling capabilities.

However, you can still get the DSL Internet via your phone line.

My Internet provider is Bell Canada (Sympatico). I have no more home phone. I do have my Internet DSL provided from the phone company.

I ONLY pay for the Internet and not the $50+ extra each month for a phone line.

It took only 13 different calls to Bell Canada to get this done…Obviously, they do not want you to know you DO NOT NEED A PHONE LINE anymore to have their Internet services.

Call Ma Bell today and DEMAND a “Dry Loop” be set at your residence ASAP.

If you need technical references, check out the DSL definition in Wiki:

“”DSL” redirects here. For other uses, see DSL (disambiguation).

DSL or xDSL, is a family of technologies that provide digital data transmission over the wires of a local telephone network. DSL originally stood for digital subscriber loop, although in recent years, the term digital subscriber line has been widely adopted as a more marketing-friendly term for ADSL, which is the most popular version of consumer-ready DSL. DSL uses high frequency, while regular telephone uses low frequency on the same telephone line.”

In the not-too-distant future it will be the norm not to have a home phone, but until then, many phone customers will continue to waste money by having both a cell phone and a home phone.